Founded by the legendary Doc Paskowitz.

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Paskowitz Surf Camp, the enduring legacy of legendary surfer Dorian Paskowitz, stands as the longest-running surf camp in the United States since its establishment in 1972. A family-run business with a mission to impart the joy of surfing, the Paskowitz Surf Camp has become synonymous with creating not just students but lifelong surfers.

Founded by Dorian Paskowitz and his wife, along with their nine children, the camp conducts summer classes in California and Mexico. Catering to surfers of all ages and skill levels, the Paskowitz Surf Camp emphasizes instilling correct basic skills, ensuring every participant stands on their own riding waves. The camp takes pride in maintaining the best surf instructors globally, following a simple formula for success – go at your own pace, enjoy warm water, bask on sunny beaches, share the waves with great people, and relish delicious food.

For over 48 years, Paskowitz Surf Camp has been a transformative force, introducing countless individuals, including notable figures from music, movies, and business, to the laid-back surfing lifestyle. Their commitment goes beyond teaching; they create surfers and foster a sense of self-confidence through an exuberant interaction with nature.

Under the credo "Spread The Aloha," Paskowitz Surf Camp welcomes everyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, to experience the joy of riding a wave. Rooted in the tradition of surfing patriarch Dorian Paskowitz, the family continues to spread the gospel of Aloha, reaching shores from Oahu and Kauai to Cabo San Lucas and San Onofre.