Surfing paradise by the Mediterranean.

Spain/ Valencia/ Cullera

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Discover the joy of surfing in the picturesque municipality of Cullera, embraced by the Júcar River and the Mediterranean Sea. Surf School Posidonia serves as a haven for surf enthusiasts in this region of exceptional natural beauty, just 30 km from Valencia, extending to the scenic Mountain of Cullera or Sierra de las Zorras.

Nestled on Marenyet Beach, a pristine stretch of golden sand, Surf School Posidonia is conveniently located 10 minutes from Cullera and half an hour from Valencia. Positioned between the Júcar River mouth and L´illa, this beach offers a tranquil escape favored by surfers for its serene ambiance.

Surf School Posidonia provides surf classes year-round, ensuring an immersive experience with all necessary equipment. Special packages cater to schools and large groups, while organized summer camps add an extra layer of excitement for children.

Indulge in a Surf Camp experience lasting a minimum of 2 days, combining surf classes with accommodation at either the L’Acala Hotel (half board) or the Villa Torrecilla. These camps offer not only surfing but also a range of complementary activities, including Stand Up Paddle, Canoe Routes, Kayaking, Catamaran rides, Aquatic Therapies, Hiking, Rappelling, and Canyoning.

Beyond surfing, Surf School Posidonia invites participants to explore a tapestry of adventures, enriching the coastal experience with activities such as Stand Up Paddle, Canoeing, Kayaking, Catamaran rides, Aquatic Therapies, Hiking, Rappelling, and Canyoning.

Embark on a journey of waves and nature with Surf School Posidonia, where the sea meets a spectrum of thrilling activities against the backdrop of Cullera's coastal allure.