A magnificent vision of the Cíes Islands.

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Nestled on the picturesque Patos Beach, at the border of Nigrán and Vigo, Prado Surfo Escola offers an expansive sandy haven with invigorating waters directly influenced by the mighty ocean. Renowned for its beauty, the beach provides a breathtaking panorama of the Cíes Islands. Featuring both Beach Breaks and rocky areas, it caters to surfers of all levels, including seasoned enthusiasts seeking a challenge.

Prado Surfo Escola's facilities at Patos Beach are strategically positioned for an optimal surfing experience. Beachgoers can take advantage of well-equipped changing rooms, hot water showers, and a classroom equipped with a video projector. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, Prado Surfo Escola ensures a comfortable and supportive environment for learning and improving your skills. Comprehensive courses in surfing, longboarding, bodyboarding, and paddle surfing throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. With a commitment to personalized safety and monitoring, the school maintains small class sizes of up to 5 people. Each two-hour class includes adapted materials suited to individual skill levels and physical build. Whether you're looking for monthly courses or single-day sessions, Prado Surfo Escola caters to your preferences.

To make surfing accessible to a broader audience, Prado Surfo Escola offers special discounts to various groups. This includes residents of Nigrán and O Grove, members of large families, university students at the University of Vigo, and former students.

For those who prefer to rent equipment, Prado Surfo Escola provides soft, epoxy, and fiberboard rental services. Additionally, a range of neoprene costumes in various sizes is available to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable surfing experience.