Sharing unique moments with you at sea.

Portugal ➝ Braga ➝ Esposende

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At The Salt Flow, they provide the true surfing experience. From the first paddle to the last wave, they teach and accompany the students, focusing on quality learning and progressive, solid evolution. Beyond imparting surf knowledge, they raise awareness and educate about respect for the ocean and fellow surfers. Offer lessons for all ages, from 4 to 84, creating friendships for life. They capture every moment through photographs and videos so you can reminisce about these unique experiences.

Since 2015, their mission has been to share the passion for surfing, combining our experience as surfers and professional coaches. They founded The Salt Flow to enhance the lives of hundreds through surfing and the unique sensation of riding a wave. They take pride in partnerships with institutions and companies that share The Salt Flow's values, and developed social projects with adaptive surf lessons for people with special needs, providing a personalized and inclusive experience.

Without neglecting competition, the medium-term goal is to form a high-performance team. Portugal boasts rich waves and surfing competitiveness, and they aim to prepare the athletes for challenges in federated championships and non-federated circuits. The identity is marked by themed events, surf camps, and surf trips with the students. These moments strengthen the team spirit and unity, providing valuable learnings and a good dose of fun.

At The Salt Flow, every lesson is an opportunity to share the love for surfing and create lasting memories.