The world's oldest surf school in Perth.

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Discover the thrill of surfing at Scarborough Beach Surf School, strategically located in the coastal town of Scarborough, just 14 kilometers from Perth. Renowned for its vast and inviting shoreline, Scarborough Beach is considered one of Australia's premier surf destinations. Scarborough Beach Surf School proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest surf school globally, with a legacy spanning 30 years.

Teaching Prowess:
For three decades, Scarborough Beach Surf School has been at the forefront of surf education in Australia. Their teaching methods have served as inspiration for numerous surf schools worldwide, making them pioneers in the field. Instructors, shaped by the waves of Scarborough Beach, offer unparalleled knowledge of local conditions, ensuring an exceptional learning experience.

Optimal Learning Conditions:
Scarborough Beach's sandbanks create an ideal setting for surfers of all levels, making it a perfect spot for both beginners and experienced riders. The school conducts 2.5-hour classes, a duration deemed optimal for extracting the maximum benefits from each surf session. During winter, the school relocates to Leighton Beach, optimizing teaching conditions.

Specialized Classes for the Next Generation:
Scarborough Beach Surf School caters to the youngest surf enthusiasts with specialized classes designed for children. These classes provide a tailored and safe learning environment, nurturing the next generation of surfers.

Join Scarborough Beach Surf School and become part of a rich surfing legacy. Immerse yourself in the art of riding the waves against the stunning backdrop of Scarborough Beach, where every wave tells a story of three decades of surfing excellence.