Virgin beaches of white sand.

Indonesia ➝ West Nusa Tenggara ➝ West Sumbawa

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Located in the quaint town of Maluk, West Sumbawa, this destination offers an untouched experience of Indonesia. Unlike tourist-heavy spots like Bali, Maluk presents the genuine essence of Indonesia—virgin white sand beaches, lush vegetation, rice fields, wild horses, warm locals, and delectable local cuisine.

Situated just in front of Super Suck, Supersuck Hotel is a modest yet clean and comfortable establishment. Besides surfing, the camp offers other activities like diving and local excursions to enhance your Sumbawa experience.

Package deals are available, tailored to your preferences. Whether you're interested in meals, flights, local transportation, or guided trips, the friendly staff at SuperSuck Surf Camp is ready to accommodate your specific requirements. 

Sumbawa boasts some of Indonesia's best waves, and SuperSuck stands out as a surfing gem. The renowned Super Suck wave, labeled as the best "37 mo" wave by Surfer magazine, awaits surf enthusiasts in Maluk's bay with its coral reef bottom. Easy access from Bali is facilitated by a quick catamaran operated by Supersuck Hotel, making surf excursions a breeze.

Explore the undiscovered potential of Sumbawa's extensive landscapes, catch the waves at Super Suck, and relish the authenticity of Maluk with a stay at SuperSuck Surf Camp!