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Founded in 2005 by Miguel Ángel Arroyo Orozco, SURFENSENADA is a manifestation of his deep passion for surfing, a sport that has been a significant part of his life. After dedicating a substantial portion of his life to surfing, Miguel embarked on a mission to share his love and knowledge of the sport with others through teaching.

The primary goal is to introduce surfing to young individuals, enhancing their physical activity while instilling a marine ecological culture and fostering respect for the sea. The school aims to provide students with a fresh perspective on life and a sense of responsibility for caring for the environment and nature that surrounds them.

The mission is to offer exceptional surfing experiences, surpassing expectations in terms of quality, safety, sustainability, and joy. By adhering to principles of respect, enthusiasm, innovation, and quality, the school seeks to transform clients into friends.

Classes take place at Playa Hermosa beach, specifically chosen for beginners, and are conducted throughout the year. Each two-hour class includes a personal instructor, surfboards of various sizes and models, wetsuits, and roundtrip transportation to the ship (for cruise visitors).The classes cater to all age groups, from children as young as 5 to adults, without any age restrictions. The lessons are dynamic, enjoyable, and safe, overseen by experienced instructors certified in first aid and water rescues.