Surf & rock in Costa da Morte.

Spain ➝ A Coruña ➝ Galicia

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Discover the thrill of surfing at Surf & Rock Surf Camp, located on the picturesque beach of Razo in Carballo, A Coruña. This prime location provides easy access to the area's renowned surf spots. What sets this camp apart is its exceptional flexibility, offering year-round surf classes for all skill levels.

Camp Highlights:
- Experienced instructors with local knowledge.
- Small group sizes for personalized attention.
- Flexible scheduling to cater to individual preferences.

Surf & Rock Surf Camp is committed to making surfing accessible to all. The camp provides comprehensive services, including affordable surf classes and a diverse range of surfboards available for rent. Models like fish, evolutionary, mini-maibús, longboards, or Guns, made from materials such as epoxy or softboards, ensure you have options without the hassle of carrying your own board.

Whether you're a solo adventurer, exploring with friends, or enjoying a family vacation, Surf & Rock welcomes everyone to an unforgettable experience in close communion with nature. The camp's primary goal is to help you learn and enjoy surfing to the fullest. Does this resonate with your surfing ambitions?

Join Surf & Rock Surf Camp and dive into the world of surfing against the backdrop of the stunning Razo beach.