Chile's surfing paradise.

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Located in Maitencillo, in the commune of Puchacaví and in the Valparaíso region of Chile. Maitencillo has a wide coast with beaches for all tastes. Surf's practice has been rooted strongly being part of Maitencillo's identity. The School Maitencillo Surf is the oldest in Puchacaví. They have been teaching since 2000, with more than 10,000 clients per season, both in the field of schools, universities and companies and private. They offer personalized classes with a high standard of security and experience, with more than 20 instructors, who in addition to many years of surf experience, have accreditation of surf guides Isa (International Surfing Association), first aid of the Red Cross and Rescue Maritime of the Maritime Government of Chile. Classes can be particular or group, both with full equipment (table and suit), and with a duration of 90 minutes per session. They differ from other schools in which there will never be more than 3 students on the instructor. They are specialized in mass groups, always complying with the standard of an instructor for every 3 students. They organize Surf Trips to other destinations such as Salinas de Pullall, Cachagua or La Ballena, among others. In addition, they have a Surf Club, the Waveclub, whose idea is to create a community of surf lovers and organize exits with stay on beaches that remain far away.