Surf store and school with prime beachfront location.

Spain ➝ Asturias ➝ Gijón

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The surf store and school in Asturias is a prominent establishment that occupies an expansive area of 355 square meters. Nestled along the picturesque European coasts, the store showcases a diverse array of surf equipment, including tables, longboards, bodyboards, supposts, and a comprehensive selection of neoprens, solidifying its position as a standout destination for surf enthusiasts.

Following a recent expansion, the Surf School has been significantly enhanced, now encompassing 280 square meters of facilities. These facilities feature amenities such as costumes, hot water showers, ticket offices, and are staffed by a team of specialized monitors with degrees conferred by the Asturian Surf Federation. This accreditation from the Federation attests to the school's commitment to high-quality surf education.

As an official member of the Asturian Surf Federation, the school stands among the recognized institutions contributing to the development of surf culture in the region.

Situated strategically on the renowned beach of San Lorenzo, precisely in front of staircase number 4, the establishment ensures easy accessibility for surf enthusiasts seeking professional guidance and top-notch equipment.

In addition to its surf-focused offerings, the establishment extends its hospitality with accommodation options. Tourist apartments located just 100 meters from the store and school provide a convenient stay for those looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant surf community. Alternatively, guests have the option to choose a holiday home in a residential area of Gijón, situated 2km from the city center.

This surf store and school in Asturias not only caters to the equipment needs of surf enthusiasts but also provides a holistic surf experience with comprehensive facilities and accommodation options, making it a sought-after destination for those passionate about the sport.