First Surf Club of the Community of Madrid.

Spain ➝ Community of Madrid ➝ Majadahonda

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For those responsible for the First Surf Club of the Community of Madrid, founded in 2012, surf Good moments, feel free, get excited, love nature and understand it.

That's why they want to share their passion for surfing with you. UP Surf Club Madrid, from its web platform, specializes in offering quality surfing thanks to a team of professional surfers who love this sport. In addition, they travel to surf every weekend, bridges, holidays and other dates of the year and, if they stay in Madrid, they always organize an interesting and fun activity.

They organize surf courses, surg trips and surf events in Madrid and in the Spanish beaches and also have a community of surfers and surf lovers that you can also be part, you just have to sign up for one of their plans or organize A plan with your friends, from the rest UP Surf Club Madrid is deals with. 

Without leaving the Community of Madrid they organize the following courses: 

Surfskate - Surfea out of the water: specialized in teaching the surf technique with Carver, a type of surf tables for the asphalt that perfectly simulates the sensations and movements on top of A surf table, so they become an indispensable tool for the improvement of your technique. 

Surf Training: The only specific surf training in Madrid. Supp Pilates: Classes in which Pilates and Yoga exercises are combined on the SUPs in the water. 

Paddle Surf Routes: Through the Pantans and Rivers of the Community of Madrid with specialized monitor and an approximate duration of 3 hours. 

Outside the Madrid community they organize Surf Coaching weekend courses in Ribadsella (Asturias) and 5 days of Training Camp in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands).