An idyllic place for those looking to surf without hundreds of surfers around them.

Papua New Guinea ➝ Sandaun ➝ Vanimo

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Discover the hidden gem of Vanimo Surf Lodge, a surfing paradise tucked away on the north coast of Papua New Guinea, bordering Indonesia's territory of Jayapura. Unlike more crowded surf destinations, Vanimo offers pristine waves with a limited number of fellow surfers. You won't find hundreds of "mates" in the water here; instead, you'll have the waves mostly to yourself, with typically only three to six surfers at any given break.Safety is a top priority here. The breaks primarily feature sand, rock, and limestone bottoms, eliminating the risk of coral cuts. The staff is trained in basic first aid and survival skills, and a local hospital is conveniently located just a short 5-10 minute drive from the lodge. Vanimo Surf Lodge is proud to be one of the safest surf destinations in Papua New Guinea.
To maintain this uncrowded paradise, the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea has introduced a membership fee for visiting surfers, ensuring limited crowds for everyone's benefit. Currently, Vanimo has a limit of 20 visiting surfers spread across eight breaks. You can explore these breaks by foot, land, and sea, providing an array of options for your surfing adventure.

At Vanimo Surf Lodge, you'll stay in traditional hut-style accommodation, blending in harmoniously with the surrounding village environment. These huts are equipped with LED lighting, inner spring mattresses, mosquito nets, pedestal fans, and 240v Australian power outlets. While bath towels are provided, please bring your toiletries.
The lodge offers a unique cultural experience, and huts sleep 3-4 people, making it ideal for sharing the stoke with fellow surfers. These beachfront huts also provide ample space for board and gear storage.
Their lodge caters to surfers of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced riders. You'll have access to a range of waves, from easy breaks like Town Beach to the freight trains at Log Point and Lido's Left. You can paddle out directly from the beach to the Lido Right, and other breaks are easily accessible.

Vanimo's waves turn on throughout the season, which typically runs from October to May. The swell here is consistent, offering wave heights ranging from 2 to 10 feet. The uncrowded lineup and friendly local surfers create a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of the early days of surfing.

Savor the flavors of locally sourced seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables, and fruits prepared in traditional and home-style cooking. The lodge provides three meals a day, ensuring you're energized for your surf sessions.
If you enjoy fresh fruit, you're in for a treat with a variety of locally grown options like mango, red papaya, limes, bananas, star fruit, pineapple, and even local vanilla beans. Don't miss out on the opportunity to engage with the locals and learn some "pidgin" English during your stay.

Vanimo Surf Lodge offers a backdrop of tropical wilderness, with coconut palms, lush jungle, and breathtaking ocean views. The Vanimo Surf Area Management Plan (VSAMP) ensures that the small surf fee you pay contributes to local community projects and helps provide an enjoyable experience for both locals and visitors.

While the focus here is on surfing, you can also explore the area with waterfall tours, snorkeling trips, and even game fishing adventures. Local villages welcome you with traditional crafts made from natural materials, such as the unique PNG string carry bag called a "bilum."
The surf season officially runs from November to April, but you can often catch waves during the fringe season months of May and October. Regardless of which direction the wind is blowing, most breaks are offshore. The majority of breaks have limestone and seaweed bottoms, eliminating coral cuts. The lodge is open from November to April for surfing and closed May to October.

Vanimo is approximately 1500 kilometers north of Cairns, Australia, with daily flights from Brisbane to Port Moresby and onward to Vanimo. Alternatively, some travelers come via Indonesia just over the border. Online eVisas are required for entry to PNG and can be obtained beforehand.

Discover Vanimo Surf Lodge, where you'll experience uncrowded waves, a warm local community, and a true surfer's paradise in the heart of Papua New Guinea.


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