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In the South Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Vanuatu boasts a stunning archipelago of volcanic origin. This tropical paradise is not widely recognized as a surf destination.

Vanuatu's relative obscurity means fewer tourists, offering the perfect setting for enjoying uncrowded waves.

In the capital city, Port Vila, you'll find Salt Water Players, Vanuatu's pioneering water sports school. Breaking the notion that surfing isn't prominent here, Salt Water Players opens up the world of surfing in this hidden gem. They specialize in providing half-day or full-day surf excursions, making them the first of their kind in the region.

Salt Water Players adopts an innovative teaching method that equips enthusiasts to navigate the waves after just 2 or 3 sessions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, their adaptable program caters to all skill levels. Embracing inclusivity, they also offer Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddle classes, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Unlike many surf schools, Salt Water Players is at your service every day of the year. This accessibility ensures that whenever you find yourself in Vanuatu, the opportunity to catch a wave is right at your fingertips. Their commitment extends beyond classes, offering a wide range of rental equipment with the added convenience of free delivery to your accommodation.

Surfing in Vanuatu remains a well-kept secret waiting to be unraveled. The relatively low volume of tourists allows surf enthusiasts to savor the thrill of riding the waves without the crowds.

So, if you're in search of a surf destination off the beaten path, Vanuatu might just be the hidden paradise you've been yearning for!


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