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Established in 2001, Waterman Camp stands as the premier water and surf camp provider in Los Angeles. Offering a diverse range of athletic camps, clinics, and surf camp activities, Waterman Camp has become synonymous with creating phenomenal camp experiences for children of all ages, genders, and athletic abilities.

At the heart of Waterman Camp is a mission built on the belief that every child deserves a phenomenal camp experience. Regardless of gender, age, or athletic ability, Waterman Camp focuses on character building, emphasizing playing with pride, honor, and, above all, for fun. The overarching goal is to ensure that each camper leaves with an unforgettable experience, enriched with values of sportsmanship, character, and self-confidence.

Founded 17 years ago by Coach Rio, Waterman Camp has solidified its place as one of LA's premier surf and beach camps. Catering to campers aged 6-16, the camp offers a comprehensive and inclusive surf program promoting core values such as honesty, respect, teamwork, self-esteem, confidence, and excellent sportsmanship. Waterman Camp is designed for everyone, irrespective of their athletic prowess.

Coach Rio, the director of Waterman, brings a hands-on approach to the program. Involved in all aspects, he ensures a positive experience for every child. With over 25 years of teaching and coaching experience, Coach Rio prioritizes character building over championships. His commitment to instilling values like respect, compassion, kindness, and honesty is unparalleled.

Waterman's staff comprises respected, well-trained individuals, including teachers, coaches, athletes, and college students. All share a common passion for teaching children, contributing to a vibrant camp environment.

They acknowledges and celebrates excellence through various awards, including Camper of the Year, Sportsperson of the Year, Camper of the Week, Camper of the Day, Sportsmanship Award, and Special Recognition Award. These accolades reflect the camp's commitment to recognizing and encouraging positive contributions.

Waterman Camp is dedicated to providing an enjoyable camp and learning experience. The camp understands that young athletes participate primarily for fun and competition. While winning is valued, emphasizes the greater importance of competing with honor, practicing good sportsmanship, and displaying grace in both victory and defeat.

Every athlete at Waterman Camp is given the opportunity to learn, improve, and experience the joy of sports.


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