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Portugal ➝ Algarve ➝ Sagres

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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Sagres, Portugal, Wavy Surf Camp sets the stage for an unparalleled surfing experience. Their primary objective is to provide guests with maximum comfort, offering accommodations seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings.

Guests can indulge in high-quality, spacious glamping tents, each accommodating up to 8 people. Whether opting for normal, normal plus, or luxury glamping tents, Wavy Surf Camp ensures a perfect blend of relaxation and connection with nature. Wooden floors, comfortable mattresses, electric lights, and charging plugs create a cozy haven for surf enthusiasts.

Wavy Surf Camp takes pride in providing top-notch surfing equipment designed to maximize skills and enjoyment. From surf lessons for all levels to surf safaris, guests can tailor their experience. The camp emphasizes safety, with small group sizes for individual attention and exploration of boat-accessible surf breaks.

Beyond the waves, Wavy Surf Camp offers a diverse range of activities. Yoga sessions contribute to physical, mental, and emotional well-being, complementing the surfing experience. Sunset excursions, flunkyball games, vibrant parties, live music, kayaking adventures, volleyball tournaments, and ping pong competitions ensure an unforgettable stay.

Situated within the Sagres Orbitur Campsite, Wavy Surf Camp embraces a harmonious relationship with nature. The campsite provides essential amenities, and Sagres stands as the epicenter of surfing in the Algarve, offering a variety of beaches within a 15-kilometer radius. The Algarve's sunny climate, optimal temperatures, and diverse landscapes make it an ideal destination for a complete surfing experience.

Wavy Surf School boasts professional instructors federated by the International Surfing Association (ISA). Their expertise ensures a comprehensive learning experience, with a focus on safety, personalized treatment, and quality equipment. Lessons span 2 hours and 15 minutes, combining theory and practical sessions.

From the 11-hour course for beginners to private classes and free surf options, Wavy Surf School caters to individuals seeking diverse learning experiences. The emphasis on safety, individual attention, and a variety of courses sets the foundation for an enriching surfing journey.

Wavy Surf Camp transcends the typical surf camp experience. It's a community that grows with each guest's experiences, fostering moments that go beyond surfing. Rooted in values like nature, team, innovation, experience, active life, and quality, Wavy Surf Camp aspires to offer unique sensations and create lifelong connections through surfing, nature, and friendship. Their mission is to offer unique experiences, connect with guests and employees, and create an attractive and modern brand. Their vision is to be the principal provider of experiences, and their values revolve around nature, team, innovation, experience, active life, and quality.

In the heart of Sagres, Wavy Surf Camp beckons those seeking not just a surfing escapade but a transformative way of life.


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