5 Must Have Surfboards For Your Arsenal

Building your quiver can be exciting, though difficult with all of the options out there. That’s why we decided to make a list of the 5 must have surfboards for your arsenal. Let’s dive in, shall we?
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez


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This isn’t the 90’s where surfers only used to have lines of shortboards in their houses. There are tons of different hybrid and throwback boards that can be great for different wave conditions and surf styles. 

Why not sample them all? 

Building your quiver can be exciting, though difficult with all of the options out there. That’s why we decided to make a list of the 5 must have surfboards for your arsenal. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1.Fish Boards

The Fish has been around since the late 1960s thanks to legendary San Diego kneeboarder, Steve Lis. Fish boards are the cousins of shortboards, as they act a lot like shortboards, though can handle much smaller conditions as well. With their short, fish-like bodies and wide builds, they vibe really well with mushier waves. Don’t let the non-intimidating shapes fool you, as you can pick up some serious speed on these little guys. Beyond being able to perform cool maneuvers on fish boards, their width makes them far easier to paddle on, making them great for beginners who are transitioning from longs to shortboards.

Interested in checking out some cool fish boards but don’t know where to start? Go check out FinBin.net’s list for some surf inspo.

2.Fun Boards

Fun Boards are a lot like shortboards as well, though they are much easier to ride for beginners and fit well with days that aren’t so perfect. The size of funboards is pretty similar to shortboards, though the main thing that differentiates them is the design. You’ll typically find that fun boards have wider noses that resembles those of longboards. They ride much smoother and stay on top of the water better without work.

Even with that said, fun boards still provide some solid maneuverability, allowing you to make sharper turns and maybe even get a bit of air if you’re good. They’re perfect for waist to head high waves.


The days of foamies being “kooky” are over. Yes, they are still the perfect beginner surfboards, though the ones these days have far more promise in shredding than those 10 years ago. They’re far safer when you go out surfing in busy waters and they are way more durable than glassed boards. 

Soft-tops can be found in all different shapes and sizes, so the design that you get is totally up to you! We recommend getting a longboard soft-top if you go the soft-top route, purely for their unparalleled stability, which brings us to our next board.


Longboards have been around for centuries, dating far back to the ancient Hawaiians. When you think of classic surfing, you likely think of longboarding. Longboarding truly has a culture of its own, one that is far more laid-back and far less competitive than that of shortboarding. If you want to go out for a nice glide on small waves on a chill summer day, a longboard will be your best bet. 

They are also great for beginners, as they provide far more stability and paddling ease than shortboards.  


Grovelers haven’t been around for a long time, though they have made a big splash over the last decade in many different lineups. Some surfers may even refer to these little guys as the kings of the mush, meaning they are perfect for tiny waves. They look a lot like shortboards when you consider their designs, though they ride a lot like fish boards thanks to the added stubbiness. 

With rounded noses and tails, as well as concaved bottoms, you can get out and catch much smaller waves with ease. 


Having a larger number of surfboards in your quiver won’t make you a better surfer, though it will allow you to surf with far more versatility. This is great if you live in place where the conditions are constantly changing. The reason we made a list of the “5 Must Have Boards” is that we feel like 5 surfboards is the perfect amount. That way you’ll have a board for small waves, big waves, and everything in-between, as well as one for when you finally decide to take your clumsy friend out into the waves to show him/her why you wake up at 5am every day before work.