How to make homemade surfboard wax

Let's cooperate keeping our seas and oceans water clean.
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Surf lovers will know the importance of paraffin for Surfing, without it, it wouldn´t be possible to perform aerials or 360ºs, simply keeping you on the board would be a whole challenge.
We often forget about this fundamental complement and we buy it without taking into account some of its harmful effects on the biosphere.
Currently there are hundreds of models on the market, the vast majority of them oil-based, which is extremely damaging to the environment.

Within every surfer there is an ecologist concerned about the environment, that is why, today we present you an cheaper and also less polluting alternative of our own elaboration to all these products of commercial sale, isn´t it perfect?

Let's cooperate keeping our seas and oceans water clean.

Before buying the ingredients and get hands on down to work, it is necessary to decide if we want to get a hot or cold water wax, since depending on this the recipe will subtly change.


  • Bee wax
  • Coconut oil
  • Tree Resin (Only needed for cold water wax)

The paraffin base for your surfboard is beeswax, a product easy to find in herbal and eco-friendly stores, as it´s coconut oil.
However, the tree resin may be a little more resistant to be found. The easiest way to find it in the market is granulated for incense; otherwise you always have the option to get it directly from the tree, gathering it through the cracks of the tree coating.


They´re only simple five steps to follow to get your desired paraffin, but you must be meticulous, measuring the proportions and mixing well.

1.- To facilitate the following steps, a prior preparation will be essential. To have in different containers the content to be added, always taking into account the proportions (3/4 of the mixture will be beeswax, 1/4 of coconut oil and if necessary a portion of tree resin in the same proportion as the oil), will accelerate your task. Crushing the resin will facilitate the subsequent dissolution process.

2.- Once everything is ready, we will place the beeswax inside a pot and heat it in the fire. The wax will have to be liquid and homogeneous.

3.- Then add the coconut oil, while stirring the mixture constantly until both ingredients are fully integrated.

4.- (Only in the case of cold water wax) It is now the time to add the tree resin, as in the previous step continue to stir until it is completely liquid and integrated with the rest of elements.

5.- Once the mixture has settled, we will have to pour the content in the molds that we have selected. Let cool for about 3 hours. Keep in mind that the result must be totally hard.

* There is also the possibility of adding color and essence to the mix.

Precautions to consider

Perform the paraffin manufacturing in places with ventilation, preferably outdoors; this is due to the fumes that emanate from the resin when heated.
For this, it would be advisable to use eye protection and even a mask, in this way avoiding irritations.
Another of our tips is to use mainly silicone molds, since from plastic ones could be difficult to remove the paraffin, and you don´t want that after all the work it breaks, do you?


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