Which are the best surfboards brands?

In life, improvising along the way is a key aspect that can provide you that joy and motivation that we often lack when we find ourselves in a loop that spins around work and responsibilities.
Cesar Alvarez
Cesar Alvarez


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In life, improvising along the way is a key aspect that can provide you that joy and motivation that we often lack when we find ourselves in a loop that spins around work and responsibilities.

In some cases, such as traveling, it can also be rewarding to point with a finger on the map and embark on the adventure of going to where the destiny has decided. Even in a surftrip.

On the other hand, this is not compatible with a successful choice of the equipment necessary to ride the waves, and even less, with the decision of choosing your surfboard.

A surfboard has an useful life that obviously depends on the use of it. Is not the same to use a carbon board 3 or 4 times a week; than a traditional foam board with a couple of uses per month.

Despite this, it is logical that when buying we always expect a surfboard to surf with us during many waves.

It is more than a simple table, it is our inseparable fellow with which we will learn to develop and improve our technique and of course to live unforgettable moments. It could even be said that it becomes an extension of the human body.

So, just as we provide you with a series of tips to buy your second-hand surfboard, we believe it is important that you know the 10 brands that currently stand out among the rest of the market for us, because of their value for money and history, so you can have them in consideration for your next purchase.

Obviously, we could have made this list much larger, including more high-level brands, as well as others shapers on a smaller scale, but we prefer to get down to business.


Firewire surfboards combine 100% Eco Friendly materials with the traditional EPS and Epoxy. They count on team with "shapers" of great level like Daniel "Tomo" Thomson, Dan Mann, Rob Machado or Kelly Slater.

The Australian brand stands out for its lightweight, flexible and hard boards based on innovative designs.

Thanks to its Evo model, Firewire currently ranks number one in sales of surfboards worldwide. The respect for the environment, its eco-friendly materials and the high quality of its boards are the flagship of this brand.


One of the most prestigious brands worldwide. Founded in California in 1987 by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, it has some of its tables in the Top 10 sales worldwide. Within his team we can find surfers  like Tag Barrow, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore or Tyler Wright.

In addition, this brand is also known for collaborating with Elon Musk in the launch of the exclusive Tesla Surfboard, made with the carbon fiber "Black Dart" and which is quite an object for collectors.

DHD Surfboards

This Australian brand, owned by the shaper Darren Handley, currently stays in the top for the launching of a new technology for its surfboards, that combine the best qualities of the two materials used for the manufacture of the same: fiberglass and epoxy. DHD Surfboards thanks to the freesurfer Asher Pacey has been at the head of the Twinfins market.

Hayden Shapes

Created in Sydney in 1997 by Hayden Cox, it is a benchmark of quality of surf brands. They have been winners of the prizes of the industry to the best table of the year for three consecutive times thanks to the Hypto Krypto model. They are also the creators of the Future Flex technology.


Based in the Basque Country, Spain, this company currently has a great reputation due to its high performance surfboards. Since 1973, when they manufactured their first surfboard, they have positioned themselves as one of the most powerful surf brands in Europe; thanks to its global vision and because of several of the best surfers in the world have gone through its ranks.

Js Industries

The talent and love for surfing have made the brand of "shaper" Jason Stevenson, one of the most recognized worldwide in the manufacture of high performance boards. We have seen some of their boards holding the feet of the best surfers of recent years.

Mick Fanning Softboards

It bears the name of the owner and three times surfing world champion. These boards are designed for both newbies and advanced surfers. According to Fanning, they are "the definitive tables to improve your surfing". After the Little Marley and the Beastie, for 2019 they have added the MF Twinfin to their collection.

NSP Surfboards

New Surf Project produces surfboards that hold on longer than those that have been manufactured by traditional processes. It covers the needs of any type of surfer thanks to its wide range of boards, all of them of an excellent quality, and perhaps with the one of the best relations quality of price.


The initials of Dick Van Straalen, one of the most famous shapers in Australia, since the 1960s. After 50 years in the game he has become a true master and commercializes all types of boards from paddleboards to longboards.

Lib Tech

This American brand is well known by manufacturing the toughest surfboards in the world. Formed by a collective of table sports loveres (surf, skate and snow) they have been working for more than 30 years. Its star model is the Ramp, an authentic barracuda through the waves.