Which are the differences between Surftrip and Surfari?

Let's surf, everybody is learning, come to a surfari with me
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For someone who has never surfed before, when he meet a more experienced group of surfers, he will realize that specific words and expressions used could be ambiguous or even complicated if he had never been worried before about taking a surfboard and going for the waves.

But, learning surfing vocabulary for some people is not such a simple task, we even think it wouldn't be a bad idea to create a small dictionary for noobs. But let's go step by step, you can not start running without having walked before.

From the different types of waves with their breaks, to the different tricks we can perform with the table, passing through to the two terms that we are going treat today, it is necessary to know at least a large deck to avoid being in evidence.

Well, let's get involved as soon as possible. Continuously in the world of surfing and tourism, where we find Totalsurfcamp staff, you can find two terms that can lead to confusion. And that's why we think it's necessary to explain the difference between surftrip and surfari, lest you miss a trip or excursion due to a calculation error.

Does the song "Surfing Surfari" sounds familiar to you? It's a bit old-fashioned, I think it was from the Beach Boys or some group of old glories. What I am sure of is that it had an appropriate message and that it fits perfect to explain the terminology.

The song said something like "Let's surf, everybody is learning, come to a surfari with me". But what is really a surfari? We could define it as the trip made by surfers looking for good conditions to surf or  several beaches and places visited with the objectives of surfing. Surfaris are also called surfers who decide to make this trip.

We can quickly deduce that the term comes from joining the word surf with the word safari. From this deduction we can show that the surfari is a trip with itinerary, during which the surfer moves in search of the best waves. Think about it, the wonders of a surf trip combined with the adventure of a safari, traveling along the coast hunting waves sounds really fun!

These trips are full of good vibes, waves and above all adventure. There are many specialized companies that make tours around the world like The Stoke Travel. This company has a bus to travel and in this specific case, they know perfectly the coast to surf in Spain and France.

The main goal of a trip of this type would be to travel along the coast looking for waves. Sleep in any city or town that at this time provides you the best waves, and moving the day after to find more waves. So it is a way of traveling that includes that component of improvising that fascinates many. Thus, you visit the best beaches, tourist attractions and parties in a less planned way. This way of traveling is applicable to a large number of coasts and countries, not only to the coasts of Spain and France.

It was born as an idea inspired by caravan trips, but it can be done by car, bus, motorbike ... The concept itself is to make the most of it, it's a simple idea that you would love. It is about exploring the most completely different places in the best possible way, that is on a surfboard and catching the best waves.

Now let's talk about the concept surftrip. What is it exactly? It is about the trip that is made having surf as the main axis of it. Let's imagine that you decide to travel to Australia. If you have been lucky enough to do so, you will know what it feels like to visit one of the most pristine areas of the planet.

If this trip to Australia is done with the main reason of surfing, you will be doing a surf trip, a trip dedicated to surfing. Australia is one of the best places in the world to practice our beloved sport, if you can afford it maybe you should plan a trip there. Once you are in Australia, you always have the possibility of doing a surfari there in search of waves, it is one of the countries with more kilometers of coast in the world.

Has the difference between surf trip and surfari been clear? From Totalsurfcamp we offer a large number of surfcamps and hotel establishments so that you can surf the perfect surf trip to the main world destinations for surfing. And there to organize your own surfari or follow the ones offered by most surfcamps.