Betty Surf and Yoga: Embrace Surf Zen in the Tranquil Beauty of Canoa, Ecuador

Ecuador/ Manabi/ Canoa

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Located on the northwest coast of Ecuador, in a small fishing village called Canoa. The extensive Canoa beach is ideal to learn to surf for its warm waters and sand bottom, without rocks or reef. There are no strong currents or sharks! It is not a place very frequented by tourism so surfers are very well received by the local population. Betty Surf and Yoga is a Surf and Yoga study for men, women, couples and family groups. They are in the face of the main rupture of Canoa surf and there are surf classes with a safe and effective method. Yoga classes are based on balance and aerial yoga. It works with breathing and moving meditation, both in water and on earth. There are special classes for children to strengthen their balance on the table and their self -esteem. A place to experience surf Zen in full contact with nature.