Surfing the Paradise: Bold Earth's Unforgettable Adventure in Sayulita

Mexico/ Nayarit/ Sayulita

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They are located in Sayulita, a surf town north of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit. Sayulita is the jewel of the Crown of the Mexican Surf and the home of some of the most famous waves in Mexico. Bold Earth has been offering surfing camps and adventure trips for adolescents in an environment of exploration, learning and discovery. The environment is absolutely safe and are assisted by monitors and small groups. They carry out many activities with them to reinforce friendship and personal growth. Thousands of teenagers from the 6 continents have enjoyed a vacation that will remember all their lives. They move through different places to give them the opportunity to discover the natural and cultural wealth of Mexico, and also surf in truly paradisiacal beaches. A whole day is dedicated to community services with the population of El Tuito, helping reforestation and sustainable farms. The rest of the time spends surfing, volleyball, seeing turtles and learning how to live in a true tropical jungle. You may not want to go back!