Surfing the Untamed Waters: Discover Ghana's Hidden Waves at Busua Surf Camp

Ghana/ Western Region/ Busua

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Located in Busua, a town on the coast of Ghana with a quiet atmosphere and very hospitable people. Ghana is not yet a well -known surf destination and many surf points are about to know. The advantage is that you can discover them and give name to the waves! The waves of Ghana are more consistent and large than on other parts of the east coast of Africa, especially after the rainy season. Busua Surf Camp offers a one -week package with 2 kinds of 90 minutes a day, the entire surfing team, free surf after the lessons, accommodation in the room of your choice and all meals. You can surf in warm water, without crowds and surrounded by nature. The Surf Camp is located in the center of the town and a few steps from the Busua beach and the village market. The natural environment is of great beauty and allows a lot of outdoor activities. There is nothing better to know Africa than to make a safari through the Mole National Park, one of the best of West Africa to see elephants, lions, antelopes, etc. It is also very interesting to visit some of the slave strengths that are found along the coast of Ghana, World Heritage. If you choose to stay in the Surf Camp, they have a roof bar in which local musicians usually act that can teach you to play the Djambé. And if you wish you can participate in volunteer projects.