You will be surprised with how easy and fun it is to learn

Fiji/ Viti Levu/ Nadi

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Fiji Surf School is located in Nadi, on the largest island of Fiji named Viti Levu. Fiji is a virgin paradise with more than 1,000 islands, with tropical beaches of clean and transparent waters, fish of all colors, white sands shaded by coconutos ... They are also famous for the kindness of the fiyians, who live an idyllic life far from the Western lifestyle. And wish in 2010 the restrictions to surf in its waters were opened, it is a destination very quoted by world -class surfers. In Fiho Schoo, they offer you surf packages of 1, 2 or 3 days and SurfCamp in Nadi. Surf classes for beginners develop first in the sand to learn to recognize sea conditions and how to practice the basic surf technique. Already in the water you will start in soft waves and you will be surprised with how easy and fun it is to learn. All instructors are accredited by Surfing Australia, in rescue and first aid. Surf classes are carried out on full -day boat excursions, with 2 lessons per day with lunch in the middle. For intermediate and advanced surfers, your focus is to talk to them first to find out what skills they want to develop and suggest the best places for them. They have special classes for children, for families and for corporate groups. With its full day surfaris you can experience the lifestyle of the surfing, sailing in search of the best waves. They move through external reef such as cloudbreak, restaurants, wilks, Namotu or Natadola Beach. You can also get a Surfari of up to 5 days totally personalized. If you are looking for something very exclusive, they can organize private surf tours by helicopter or in hydrophion with luxury accommodations.