Surf Solomons: Embark on an Unforgettable Surfing Adventure in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands/ Malaita/ Malaita Island

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Surf Solomons offers accommodation at Solwata Surf Camp on the island of Malaita, on the north coast of the Solomon Islands. Its inhabitants are solwatas or "salt water people" whose culture is based on the knowledge of the ocean. The Solomon Islands is one of the 10 countries with the greatest biological diversity in the world. His marine biodiversity leads many to call him the "Amazonas del Mar". The surf season on the Solomon Islands is from October to April. There are no other surfers in the area and the Surf Solomons group will be the only one that sails in the area. There are more than a dozen left and right breaks that adapt to all surf levels. They are accessed aboard a surfboat. The waves are 2 to 6 feet and sometimes they can be larger. It is rare the day that there is no fantastic wave to surf. Solwata Surf Camp is located in a beautiful lagoon bordered by mountains and coral reefs. The rooms are shared between 1 to 3 people. They have outdoor showers with mountain spring water and a chill-out area with hammocks. In the villages there are no roads, nor telephones, nor shopping centers, sometimes not even electricity. That is why exploring the Solomon Islands becomes a unique adventure that you will remember all your life.