The most successful surf camp Instagram accounts

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Alvaro Pastor
07 · 19 · 2019

Social networks are not just a reflection of what people want to show about themselves or their personality. We find profiles of almost anything imaginable for the human mind. Businesses and companies have quickly realized the importance they have for a good marketing strategy.

Therefore, for a business like a surf camp it is essential to have a good management of them to increase the scope and volume of business. If you are a surf camp owner and you are not yet applying social media in your strategy, do not wait any longer and watch out.

Currently Instagram is the social network that grows most among users, due to its ease and its high visual component compared to the narrative of other networks such as Facebook or Linkedin. First of all we are going to tell you the aspects that we consider key for your surf camp account to be attractive, and then several accounts related to surf camps that we consider top in this social network.

Ok, now start thinking about your business. If you already have Instagram, but you do not know how to take advantage with it, let's start with the most basic:

- Know who you are targeting. Sometimes it is necessary to segment. Divide and win.

- Make a content strategy, because it will achieve the consistency you are looking for. If you plan the content that you are going to publish, it will be much easier to have everything under control.

- Whatever content you post, you should get attention, so it's important to be creative. We are talking about a super competitive market like Instagram, with millions of accounts and thousands devoted to surf camps, so it is essential to connect with the public and cause excitement. A quality photography is necessary in order to appreciate professionalism in your business.

- Be constant. It does not help to be creative if you do not publish content continuously. This is a point that is easy to solve if we have a content strategy.

- Your followers are one of the most important part of your surfcamp. Create community and bring your audience to your world. It is important that you try to use all the features of the app, such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Stories, Instagram ... to be like an active and updated profile.

Now that we have clear concepts, we are going to talk about 5 accounts of surf camps that in our opinion give a leap of quality in this social network, so take note.

1.Selina and Selina Surf Club: Selina group is offered as a completely new way to stay, explore and work in coworking spaces. The instagram feed tells us about diversity, community, quality and comfort. Its subsidiary Surf Club also applies it to its specific profile for surf lessons, surf guides and equipment rental. A must to check.

2. Kima Surf: An example of a care Instagram account. Minimalist design on Instagram Stories highlighted, each labeled by category and with a specific logo. Look at the photos, they all have the same light tone, which finally gives consistency and style to the account. Variety and quality, essential.

3. Dream Sea Surf: With different locations from Asia, America and Europe, this account takes advantage of the variety to publish in your feed both idyllic landscapes and its visitors and facilities. Again, we can see how the same light filter is used to give a solid and reliable image.

4. WaveHouse Bali: This surfcamp offers classes in both Bali and Canggu and offers a very clean view of your feed and its outstanding stories. If you own a small business, start organizing all the material and give the same professional image on social networks as in reality.

5. Chernaki Surf: Despite not having too many followers, this Moroccan surf camp is very attractive visually to us. The Instagram feed has a defined style and highlighted folders updated. Do not miss it as an example!


In Totalsurfcamp we have our own Instagram account where we post the most attractive photos of different surfcamps around the world. We are a 2 side marketplace that connects users with surfcamps through a simple form. Visit our social media profiles but especially Instagram, to see if we follow our own guidelines.